Virtual Care Solutions for Small Employers

When life is always on the go, your employee’s healthcare should be, too. HealthiestYou makes sure your employees have access to the care they need all from one convenient place.

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Benefits of a Stand-Alone Virtual Care Solution​

For employers:

  • Usage.
    If a benefit is not used, any potential cost-containment associated with it remains just that – potential, not realized.
  • Redirect claims.
    A stand-alone solution redirects costs, so what was once thousand of dollars in claims is no reduced to a single-digit PEPM.
  • Reach.
    All employees can be covered under a stand-alone solution which means a greater impact on productivity, absenteeism and presenteeism.
  • Offset costs.
    A free, stand-alone telehealth solution reduces the hardship of rising premium for your employees.

For employees:

  • Member experience.
    With a team focused solely on engagement strategy and member journey, the focus is on your employees.
  • Cost savings.
    As all costs for your employees rise access to care at no copay gives your employees one less thing to budget for.
  • Care for all. 
    Your employees’ spouses and dependents are covered at no additional cost extending the value of your benefit offerings.
  • Consistency.
    No matter what medical plan you offer in the future, high quality Teladoc Health services will be there as a familiar, trusted solution amid the sea of uncertainty.

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24/7 Access to Doctors + Proactive Mobile App = Happy Employees

It’s easy to finally gain the edge in the escalating battle with healthcare costs

Your employees' health is in their hands

See how easily healthcare can fit into a busy lifestyle.

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With the HealthiestYou app, your employees can:

See a doctor 24/7

Talk to a licensed doctor by phone or video from anywhere.

Save money

Find and pick up the lowest-cost prescriptions in your area.

Search for a provider

Find a doctor, dentist, or other providers near you.

Expert Medical Opinion

Get a second opinion from leading experts on more-serious conditions.

Compare prices

Compare cash vs. insurance pricing for common procedures.

Connect your insurance

Find your insurance carrier for up-to-date coverage, deductible tracking, and more.

*Your benefits may vary based on the plan selected by your employer.

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