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Health Insurance

Making Sure You Have The Right Health Insurance Coverage You Need

When it comes to health insurance, you have options. 

If you work for an employer that employs more than 50 people, you most likely will have coverage options through your employer.

If you employer has less than 50 employees, they are not required to offer health insurance. If you employer doesn’t offer health benefits, there are still options for you to obtain coverage.

The first option is the Market Place. The Market Place offers comprehensive coverage for individuals, children and families and you may be eligible for premium or cost sharing subsidies.

If you don’t want to get your coverage through the Market Place, there is always the option to purchase health insurance without going through the Market Place, however, this coverage would not be eligible for any premium or cost sharing subsidies. 

Depending on your income and your children’s ages, Medicaid, CHIP and Kid Care coverage may also be available for providing coverage on your children.

In addition to your health insurance, you can purchase supplemental benefits for yourself, your spouse and children.

Supplemental Benefit Plans include:

  • Accident Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Cancer Insurance
  • Hospital Indemnity 

The best place to start is with how much you want to pay out-of-pocket and the coverage you need.

We can help you navigate the various programs and put a package together for your unique needs.