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VISION Insurance

Making Sure You Have The Right Vision Insurance Coverage You Need

Your ability to see is surely almost as important as your health.

Sometimes you can get vision care insurance through your benefits at work, or you can purchase it as an individual policy on your own.

Through a supplemental insurance policy, you can get coverage for eye-related exams and certain treatments.

Most vision plans provide coverage for:

  • Yearly eye exams
  • Frames and lenses
  • Contacts
  • Corrective procedures like LASIK

Yearly exams are generally fully covered, while other procedures may have a co-pay.

Without insurance, you can expect to pay on average around $110 for an eye exam and $200 for a basic pair of glasses. Add on glare resistance, progressive lenses, transition lenses, UV coating and other upgrades and the cost can go up substantially.

Vision insurance premiums can cost less than $15.00 per month. In addition to the monthly premium, you would have co-pays and deductibles.

In Network average costs:

  • Exam – fully covered for preventative exam
  • Lenses – $20 co-pay for basic lenses
  • Frames – $130 allowance for frames

We can review the various vision packages together to determine the right coverage for you.