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Life Insurance

Financially Taking Care of Your Loved Ones

Life insurance is about protecting the people who financially depend on you.  It pays them a sum of money to help them with the financial impact of your death.

The money can help your loved ones pay monthly living expenses, stay in their home and pay off debts, including final expenses. It can also help send a child to college, continue a family business or leave a legacy for your favorite charity.

There are a number of Life Insurance options and we are here to help you figure out what the best option is for you.

Term Insurance

If you are looking to cover financial responsibilities for a specific period of time, like a mortgage or college expenses, at a reasonable price, you may want to consider term life insurance.  Term insurance can provide coverage for 1, 10, 15, 20 25, or 30 year terms.

Initially term insurance is generally lower cost than permanent insurance.  However, term insurance premiums typically increase substantially if you want to renew your coverage at the end of the original term.

Permanent Insurance

Permanent insurance is designed to provide coverage for your lifetime and also has a feature to build cash value within the policy that you can access during your lifetime.  Since a portion of each premium goes to build cash value savings, the premium for permanent insurance is normally greater than the initial cost of Term.

Which life insurance policy is right for you?  It depends on your coverage needs and budget.  Most term policies have conversion features that allow you to convert to permanent coverage.  So if your budget is tight right now, you can start out with a term policy and then convert later on.

We can help you figure out which policy, or combination of policies, is right for you.