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Supplemental Health Benefits

Supplemental health benefits, also called voluntary group insurance, can provide coverage for your employees, their spouse and children and offers additional protection not offered under a medical plan. They enable employees to enroll in group coverage at significantly lower rates than they would pay as individuals. Even if you don’t offer a medical plan, your employees can still benefit and will value the option to purchase these plans.



Preventive dental exams provided through dental insurance can help reduce lost productivity hours by your employees by identifying and treating problems early on.

Voluntary dental coverage gives employees the advantage of group rates. This can help employees save compared to acquiring individual or family dental coverage on their own.  Services often include preventative and diagnostic exams as well as restorative dental procedures. 


Healthy vision is also an important component of overall wellness. Regular eye exams can help uncover serious health conditions, like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, cancer, thyroid disorders and more.

Plans are customizable and help employees save. Most vision insurance covers the cost for routine eye exams and a portion of the cost for prescription glasses or contacts.

Optional features include allowances on Lasik surgery and benefits for diabetic eye care.

And because vision insurance is an important part of a complete benefits package, it can help attract and retain great employees too.

Hospital Indemnity

If your medical plan has a high deductible, your employees may be taking risks with their health by delaying or skipping doctors’ appointments, or putting off surgery or recommended treatments and procedures because they are not prepared to pay out-of-pocket deductibles and other expenses.

This supplemental plan covers many expenses basic medical coverage does not. The benefit can be used for co-payments, deductibles, and prescriptions. Coverage can also be made available for the employee’s family.

Critical Illness

Offering group critical illness insurance as part of your benefits package can give your employees the security they’re looking for.  Critical illness insurance will provide funds to the employee is they suffer an illness.  Illnesses include things like, Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, and Alzheimer’s and others.


With cancer insurance, an insured person receives a lump-sum amount which they can spend however they choose.

Depending on the plan you choose, your employee can receive payment for services related to diagnosis, annual screenings, procedures and treatment.  Some plans also cover alternative care, experimental treatment and home health care.


Offering group accident insurance as part of your benefits package can provide your employees with an extra level of financial protection to help cover out-of-pocket medical expenses such as deductibles, copays, and coinsurance – and even non-medical expenses in the event of an accident.  The plan often covers such expenses for emergency room or urgent care services, imaging, treatments, follow-up care and transportation.